ʞɔɐq ǝɹ,ǝʍ: September 10.

Remember the feeling of accelerating into Sunday morning, with the lights down low, with the right people around? Eight hours into the night, gems sporting on our Danley speakers, when things are getting a little wonky and surreal, as you wander between the club’s rooms in a maze. 

We're gearing up for a new clubbing season - in our 12th year of activity. Pinning down new chapters that evoke the feeling of the intimate & engulfing dance floor in Timpuri Noi. Some of our future nights will feel timeless, while others are meant to perfectly distill the energy of a musical movement or moment in time.


September 10 marks the season-opening party featuring Cap b2b Dan Andrei all night long. Each weekend will be followed by an in-house curated program, with slots for esteemed local artists such as Rhadoo, Raresh, Petre Inspirescu, Cezar, Praslea, Suciu, Herodot, Priku, SIT, G76, Miss I, Gescu, Charlie, Lizz, complemented by internationally known artists such as Dj Masda, Cesar Merveille, Traumer, Arno, Vlada, Ohm Hourani, Voigtmann, Portable, to name a few. 


Besides that, we’ll Get Perlonized in November with co-founder Zip, his longtime friend and partner Sammy Dee, and some guests from the label's roster. Other showcases at the club this fall include promoters from SNRS48, PresureTraxx, CreativeIsland, to Norzeatic, Subcarpati, AlternativeCulture, and a SoNoRo festival classical music event that encompasses an overall diverse and tasty line-up. We will celebrate 12 years in early December with a special anniversary party, and we hope to see you there. The year will end with New Year's marathon party, as we’ve accustomed you to.

PS: Application for membership open. If you want to join all season long and take advantage of the Priority Line, guaranteed access, exclusive announcements & sets, and private sessions, this is for you. Apply here.

Not only are we fortunate to host so many different names in underground culture in Romania, but it's also essential to create the proper context that enhances these performances. It's a record of the movement and a personal story of community and creativity. See you on the dancefloor.

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